Mission & Values


It is my life's mission to leverage the capabilities, efficiencies, and reliability of the electric power system in order to foster development of sustainable interconnected transport systems alongside a sustainable interconnected electric power system. To do this, I am pursuing a career based not only in science and engineering, but one that meanders into compliance, management, politics, and education in order to be optimally effective at advocating for and physically erecting GREAT infrastructure that directly benefits the people who need it most.

Core Process Values:

  1. Be here now!
  2. Do no harm.
  3. Open, candid, constructive collaboration
  4. Well-defined objectives, formed with ALL stakeholders and impacted communities
  5. Managing expectations along the way
  6. Achieving well articulated milestones along the mission
  7. Embrace of diversity, where it helps guide our mission


"You can tell whether a man is clever by his answers. You can tell whether a man is wise by his questions." - Naguib Mahfouz