Trans Americas

Trans Americas album project

I'm beginning to scope out a new music project, to help tell parts of my story that have been tucked dormant. This was inspired by my then-boyfriend Matthew Gutierrez, a long-haul truck driver who was my boyfriend during over 25,000 miles of traveling together along his routes throughout the United States.


The playlist above comprises my "genesis playlist" which will creatively frame and inspire me in my own songwriting. Dane Terry was a big part of inspiring me to do this work, and his songs are featured at the bottom of this website.

Proposed Tracks:

Act One Act Two
  1. His Son's An Engineer
  2. Caroline
  3. Freshman 15 Grand
  4. Razmatazz Land
  5. Beau Province
  6. Vacant Homes
  7. One Last Ride
  8. The Columbopolis
  9. Trans Mission
  10. Operations Central
  11. Kingdom Of Billions
  1. Exit House Left
  2. Cockatoo Sanctuary
  3. Her Son's A Trucker
  4. Legal Operation
  5. The Skies Are Greater Out West
  6. Echoes Dance
  7. Static Shock
  8. Silence Means Be Quiet
  9. Hometown Engineer
  10. Beau Province / B Side
  11. Steubenville, Of Course

Help Out on this Project:

I'm looking for musicians, composers, and producers, as I begin work on songwriting for this album. If you're interested in possibly collaborating on this project together, please reach out to me below: