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Crimson Rouge Studios

Crimson Rouge Studios is interested in teaming up with local, regional, and national organizations, with whom we could share resources and aligning business objectives, in order to produce high-quality, impactful events and community activities that serve our respective communities.

About Us

We make it easy to invest in our work!

By making a one-time donation, you can help kick off some of our first projects, as this Collective begins to take off.

By subscribing to our Patreon page as a Sponsor, you can invest a small regular amount into the organization. A small recurring gift really adds up, especially in our fledgling young organization.

Investing in Crimson Rouge Studios allows our newly minted organization to grow. Specifically, it allows members of the Production Collective to receive fair wages for their time and work, expands the scope and impact of our productions throughout the community, pays for rental costs associated with our physical and virtual spaces, and allows our activities to be more accessible to our community, particular folks with special/financial needs.

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One-time donation
Free admission to an event
of your choice
VIP access possible,
depending on donation amount


Monthly investment
Free admission to events
VIP access for events and sales
Receive biannual Impact Report
Earn annual dividend payout

Sponsors receive a modest dividend payout from each completed project, along with an Impact Statement of how the money was spent, following the project's completion.



Work with our Production Collective
Free admission to event
VIP access for event and sales
Receive biannual Impact Report


Assist our Production Collective
Free admission to events
Early access to VIP status for events


Not everybody has ample funding to give, and that's perfectly fine! If you and/or your organization have ideas on how to work effectively together on a project or event of interest to you, then contact Mike George at 937.501.1717 in order to discuss how Crimson Rouge Studios could modify course, towards your vision, educational objectives, and desired community impact.