Crimson Rouge Studios is seeking an experienced and passionate leader to serve as Secretary-General aboard our Production Collective.

Tente Rouge


  • Compensation: $25 / hour, up to $14,420 / year

Essential Duties:

  • Moderate and document meeting discussions; record decisions into Collective Minutes
  • Maintain and archive Collective Minutes
  • Maintain and moderate Collective Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages
  • Produce and distribute Seasonal Newsletter for Members and Subscribers
  • Distribute Studios Impact Report to Sponsors, Members, and Subscribers at the end of each year
  • Handle Concerns raised during meetings and events, and administer Consequences.
Collective Responsibilities:
  • Each candidate must first join and participate in a General Meeting.
  • General Meeting attendance is MANDATORY and unpaid.
  • Contract labor is compensated at a rate of $25 USD / hour
    • Payment is made ONLY for Tasks approved in advance by the Collective.
    • All Tasks must be proposed during a Collective Meeting and approved during this time by a majority of Collective members in attendance.
    • Once approved and Task is completed, each member must update their Task Log, attaching receipts of all associated purchases.
    • Please allow up to 4 weeks to receive payment.


Any member has the right at any time to express Concerns to the Secretary-General, regarding the behavior and decision making of any other Collective member.

Handling Concerns

Concerns are logged by the Secretary-General, including the following information:

  1. Complainant
  2. Individual/topic of Concern
  3. Reasons for Concern
  4. Concern is deferred to a discussion and Collective vote (AGREE or DISAGREE) at the next meeting.
  5. If a Director accumulates more than 3 Concerns, they become liable for Consequences.

Consequences - decided by Collective

  1. Apology to Complainant, submitted in writing to Secretary-General
  2. Exclusion from meeting
  3. Exclusion from event
  4. Removal from Collective