Phantasm Retreat


17-21 March 2021 - Mount Hood National Forest (near Portland, OR)


Be Our Guest

(     44° 57' 55.5" N     |    121° 53' 40.6" W    )

Where will you be, when the lights go out and we let the music play? Hopefully with us at this special "glamping" retreat in the spring.

You will play maestro to the symphony of dreams around you, as this retreat plunges you and your friends into the charred remains of Mount Hood National Forest, where once a mighty Glamp Camp stood proud.

While working together to rebuild the forest around Mt Hood, each of you will confront your inner saboteur. Prepare to discover the magic that lies dormant within you, when your inner phoenix finally is unleashed!

This outdoor "glamping" social/retreat is about bringing us together and imagining the future after 2020, where we are empowered by our dreams. It’s about what WE can do to improve our world together - ALL OF US. But your Creativity, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent are fundamental to the success of this rambling ensemble.

Games and activities will occur throughout this 4-day retreat in the wilderness. Electricity/energy will be provided on a CLEAN, self-sustaining grid: operated, controlled and maintained on-site (120Vac & 18Vdc). Please inform Mike if you foresee your tent requiring >1000 W (~8A) of electrical power.

Each guest is asked to bring ALL of the following things:

  • Tent and/or Sleeping bag
  • Your mobile device(s) and associated chargers (there's an APP for this retreat!)
  • A sapling (young tree) to plant in the forest
  • Broom or rake
  • Plenty of green!

Please inform Mike if you foresee your tent requiring >1000 W of electrical power.

ALL are welcome; must be 21+; complete Agreement, Consent, Terms & Event Registration (ACTER) form; and have a TICKET to enter. Parking is limited, so please plan/carpool accordingly!

To Attend Retreat: 


To order tickets, please click on the lighter above.

  • $80 / person - RSVP before 2021
  • $220 / person - RSVP after 1/01/2021
  • $300 - Group Tent
  • $20 - Performers
  • $10 - Production Collective members
  • Message Mike below if you need financial assistance in order to attend.

NOTE: This event occurs within a SAFE(r) SPACE environment. Please message Mike if you have questions on what this means, or if you have specific abstinence, wellness, or accessibility needs.

Help Out on this Project:

I'm looking for performers and collective members, as we proceed with production for this event. If you're interested in possibly collaborating on this project together, please reach out to me below: