Community Standards for Conduct

Crimson Rouge Studios is a SAFE[r] SPACE environment.


We are a firmly Sex-Positive (SEX+) Collective that indeed actively engages in safe, consensual "fun" - when, where, and with whomever are commonly understood to be appropriate, as consented to, in their individual MATCH form (required to engage).

We shall NEVER intentionally discriminate against each other, among this Collective, by our individual physical characteristics or capabilities, including those with disabilities.

Instead, We allow ourselves to ENGAGE, as we consent to the release of our physical and spiritual beings, in order to merge kinetically into something unpredictable yet splendid.

Some would call that MAGIC.

Others would simply call that respect.

Accordingly, it is Our Responsibility to facilitate the uncomfortable Conversations necessary to drive Positive Impact and Change, in Ourselves, among our variously changing/intersecting Communities, and throughout This World.

This World is highly complicated. 

But TOGETHER, we can figure it out!

After all, if We are to be One United Collective, we must learn to continually improve how We Live, how We are to Work, and how We can Play Together.

Safe Space Guidelines:


Be here now.

  1. NEVER assume somebody else's identity, especially gender pronoun.

  2. Do assume Positive Intention in yourself and in others.

  3. STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN to what others are sharing with us.

House Rules:


Do no harm.

  1. Please talk to Mike or any Collective member in private if you begin to feel unsafe for any reason, while in Our Home and/or any Crimson Rouge Studios activity.

  2. If your Safety has been violated, or if you directly witness another Guest's safety under threat, then immediately PUSH the red STOP button, located near any EXIT of the House.

When STOP button is pressed, 
ALL activity HALTS throughout the Space,
until Guest has talked to Mike or any Collective member
to discuss what happened.

Mike and the House or Facilities Manager reserve the right to remove by force, 
in partnership with local law enforcement officials,
any Guest or Resident who repeatedly and capriciously violates the above Community STD's.

    More explanation on Safe[r] Space guidelines may be found here.
     CONSENT is SEXY. Give us yours.

    To participate and join us, please first submit a MATCH application.