Cherry Poppins

Danny Thomas
Emcee & Illusionist, Crimson Rouge Studios

Danny Thomas  Cherry Poppins
Danny is currently a student at Wright State University. He is a very open-minded individual who loves to try new things. He loves making friends and meeting new and different people.
Danny loves to dance and have a great time. People most describe him as a "white guy trapped in a black man's body." Indeed he speaks proper English and acts with some sense. He is not how the media portrays people of his race on television. Danny is his own person.
He might have a slight switch in his walk and a little music in his talk, but don't doubt the strength that he has, because you will be surprised.
"If you are against gay marriage but laugh your ass off at Will and Grace...FUCK YOU!
It's like in the 50's when white people stole rock-and-roll from Black people --
'Um... I really like that song... but please don't use that drinking fountain.' "