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Agreement, Consent, Terms, & Event Registration 


By purchasing a ticket of admission to this event, I AGREE and give CONSENT to Crimson Rouge Studios, Inc. to install third-party software on my personal mobile device. I hold Crimson Rouge Studios harmless for injury to myself or my property, as deemed reasonable by my proper compliance to common, agreed-upon Safe(r) Space, Retreat Rules, and Community Standards, posted safety bulletins within and around the designated camp site, understanding of group announcements, and mutual respect and communication of each other’s personal comfort zones and boundaries. 

I grant Crimson Rouge Studios, Inc. PERMISSION to photograph, videotape, record, and monitor me and my likeness for all intensive and promotional purposes, at any time during, before, and after this activity. I DECLARE that I am sound of mind and that Crimson Rouge Studios, Inc. is not financially responsible for my personal safety, physical or mental health while at this activity.

I understand that I am permitted at any time of my choosing to OPT OUT of any or all activities associated with the event; conversely, Crimson Rouge Studios and its Collective members reserve the right to remove me physically from any or all activities (including possibly the entirety of the event), especially as they involve infractions against established and understood Safe(r) Space, Retreat Rules, and Community Standards that are explained to me during the Orientation at the beginning of the event.


I understand that my Rouge Token signifies my physical CONSENT to only the person(s) with whom I freely exchange that token. Please indicate on the form below your preferred pronoun(s), general/gender identity(-ties), race/ethnicity, et al. to your personal privacy concerns and general delight...

I've indicated, using the form belowmy dietary preferences, accessibility needs, medical concerns, allergies, mental triggers, and substances from which I wish to abstain: