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Crimson Rouge Studios

This Interactive Queer-owned Safe[r] Space environment hosts the
Planning, Creation, Development, Promotion, Production,
and of course,
and Impact Assessment of
Dazzling spectacles and Educational events throughout North America and beyond...

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It is managed by a fabulous and diverse Collective of creators,
producers, engineers, performers, and other creative professionals.

The Collective:

Responsible for leadership and governance of Crimson Rouge Studios, Inc.

Mike George Lillian Wakefield Danny Thomas Elizabeth Donald Curtis Sharman Antoine Damiens 

By TOGETHER integrating and harnessing the power
of readily available technology, fine arts, performance and social media,
We shall improve and ensure our collective well-being and sense of community,
Empower a loving generation of performers and innovators, and
Serve directly those who might lack necessary support systems during their times of greatest need.


2020- "Trans Americas" music album - under development...
2020 - KFAB radio station - tune in... starting 1 November

2021- "Phantasm" spring retreat - presented 17-21 March 2021


See Our Mission & Core Values.


"The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me." - Ayn Rand


Join The Collective:  Message Mike below or call him at 937.501.1717: