About Us

This Queer-owned Social Network is your world...
We work to bring together Queer folks and Allies throughout North America,
to produce and host dazzling spectacles and educational programming
that benefit the Queer community and our Allies.
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By TOGETHER integrating and harnessing the power
of readily available technology, fine arts, performance and social media,
We shall improve and ensure our collective well-being and sense of community,
Empower a loving generation of performers and innovators, and
Serve directly those who might lack necessary support systems
During their times of greatest need.

Our organization is led and governed by the members of the Production Collective.

See Our Mission & Core Values.

Formed in the midst of the COVID-19 bar lockdowns,
This Virtual Village hosts 
informative and entertaining events throughout the following locations:

Portland, OR Columbus, OH Montreal, PQ
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