2021 Community Impact Report

Mike George  Wildfires

Greetings, Allies!

This past year was a period marked by upheaving change and uncertainty. During the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns in 2020, the Queer community suddenly lost many of the communal spaces that we relied upon for community, support, and connection.

This pandemic broke open many of the cracks in our social safety nets that had already developed during the recent years of economic recession. One doesn’t need to look far in Portland to see homelessness and poverty affecting individuals and families throughout our communities, and the multiple interrelated challenges from recent events tend to compound upon minority communities, notably those of color.

Crimson Rouge Studios incorporated officially in December 2020 in the United States, registered as a nonprofit corporation based in Portland, Oregon. We were originally formed in 2018 to organize and host events for the Queer community in various cities throughout North America. Our events provide safe(r) spaces for Queer individuals to enjoy and interact. As the world has changed quickly these recent years, so too has our mission and scope.

I’m excited to present to you some key areas on which we will be focusing over the next few years.

“Virtual Village” Social Network

With more time spent on online virtual activities, including video games, “Zoom” meetings, etc., we wish to create an online hub that connects these disparate social networking spaces, in order to meaningfully highlight and collate artists and creators throughout our Queer community.

Education & Skills Share

With the lag in STEM skills in today’s workforce, not to mention the underrepresentation of Queer individuals, we hope to develop a skills share that facilitates education in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics among our community.

“Phantasm” Restoration Retreat

In the wildfires that affected Oregon in 2020, several of our members, Allies, and friends lost our beloved childhood camping site in Mount Hood National Forest. We are now developing a “glamping” (i.e. glamorous camping) retreat in Summer 2021 that will seek to Rebuild and Reimagine the forest around the burnt-out site during this 4-day event during the spring after these past fires.

Crimson House

The impact and scope of homelessness throughout Portland and other cities has exposed a very real need for access to affordable housing, healthcare, food, and medication.

Crimson House is a Queer-owned residential community designed to provide housing, healthcare (including mental health resources), nutritional assistance, and community support to Queer individuals throughout various cities of North America. We have begun raising funds to provide housing for those individuals in need, and have collected about $4,500 to date.

Let's Work Together!

We’re keenly interested in teaming up with local, regional, and national organizations, with whom we could share resources and aligning business objectives, in order to produce high-quality, impactful events and community activities that serve our respective communities.

The crises of these past few years have strained our community resources, but have also taught us how to be flexible and adaptive to new challenges. It is with your continued support and engagement that makes 2021 a year of optimism and positive change for our communities. Full speed ahead!


Mike George

Mike George
Creator & Executive Director
Crimson Rouge Studios, Inc.