17. Dance With Echoes

Inspired by:



Wandering among the hundreds of acres of woods,
Through the thick breath of ancient fog,
Called out a nubile virgin boy
From the stillness of the nighttime pond.

Like a siren,
The boy continued to call out to me,
Luring me into the placid abyss.

When finally, from the depths of the cratered lake,
A cold-stone-faced god looms in front of me.
He pierces my visage with his focused gaze.
It is then I realize
I am trapped in his world.
A mere muse now along his harrowing ride.

He plunges in,
The magnitude of His thrust
Penetrating against even the toughest of my might.
Next, into my heart He invades,
Corrupting me the further,
The more He forces his way in.
Finally, for the coup de grace, he reaches for my soul.

All around me,
From out of His crushing iron grip,
They dance around us,
They feast, their appetite for my body,
My mind,
My spirit,
They come for me.

I wake up,
But it wasn't at all a dream.
It couldn't have been,
Yet the echoes continue to return.

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