11. Kingdom Of Billions

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Scene 1: Approach Nest

  • Calm harbor, approaching (by canoe) Asian-style megalopolis (e.g. Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong)
  • Pan away, panoramic view of infinite near-future skyline (concrete/glass/steel), adorned with vines and tendrils virally spreading from a central source.
  • Source of vines/foliage web is the Nest, a tall observation tower (e.g. Space Needle) crowned in the form of an upside-down cone to resemble a hornets’ nest.
Scene 2: Tour Nest
  • Pleasantly greeted by the President, who gives an inspirational tour of Nest's social /financial/creative networking products.
  • President offers to join him for a bong together.
  • Player politely refuses, inquires to President on how one might turn off the Nest, temporarily in order to toke up discreetly.
  • Repeatedly brushing aside these questions, President continues on tour.
  • Suddenly, Hornut (Queen Bee) enters and demands to see President in her office. President abruptly leaves.
  • Alone, Player proceeds
Scene 3: Confront Hornut
  • Boss: Hornut, the queen-bee
  • Stage: Matrix architect room, surrounded by social media profiles of boys
  • Battle: Attacked by swarms of twits that fill the space surrounding Player
  • Resolution: Player locates MASTER-OFF button, rushes towards. Adversaries too distracted to care very much, except for Hornut.
  • Hornut confronts Player, tries to charm Player away from OFF button, lures Player to smoke a joint, in order to later blackmail him with police, work, family, etc.
  • Player smokes the joint and proceeds to activate MASTER-OFF button.

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  • Revised title: “When The Simulation Ends”

    Mike George

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