Trans Americas album development

  • 22. Steubenville, Of Course

    Inspired by:

    • "Reclamation Day" from Fallout 76
    • "One Brick At A Time" from Barnum
    • "F*** Yeah" by Scissor Sisters
  • 21. Beau Province - B Side

    Inspired by:

    • "Circles" by Langston Francis
    • "Reflektor" by Arcade Fire
    • "Timebomb" by Kylie Minogue
  • 20. Hometown Engineer

    Inspired by:

    • "Take Me Home, Country Roads" by John Denver
    • "Everybody Loves Somebody" by Dean Martin
    • "The Colors Of My Life (Reprise)" from Barnum
  • 19. Silence Means Be Quiet

    Breathe or die.
    No time for bitter contemplation
    No time to look back.

    [scattering voices hushing, whispering]
    Silence means be QUIET.
  • 18. Static Shock

    Inspired by M83
  • 17. Dance With Echoes

    All around me,
    From out of His crushing iron grip,
    They dance around us, 
    They feast, their appetite for my body,
    My mind,
    My spirit,
    They come for me.

    I wake up, 
    But it wasn't at all a dream.
    It couldn't have been,
    Yet the echoes continue to return.

  • 16. The Skies Are Greater Out West

    Inspired by:

    • "Jack's Dream" by M83
    • "American" by Lana del Rey
  • 15. Legal Operation

    [tick-tock instrumental during fly-thru of plantation]
    [white slaves, occasional vocals, working in clockwork fashion]

    I reap what you bitches sow.
    Don't try me, you moving kinda slow.
    I got a Legal Operation to run,
    And I need some dolla bills, son.

    A hundred G's,
    Shooting for another million.
  • 14. Her Son's A Trucker

    Inspired by: "City of New Orleans" by Willie Nelson
  • 13. Cockatoo Sanctuary

    Hobos, homos, peacocks, and feathers too.
    I made it into this strange new birdcage.
    Rimmed by jutting mountains and lush evergreens,

    In the haze of fresh dope,
    I reached a land where I can find hope.
    The cage is our utopia,
    Get in, for the shimmer is fine,
    Down in the Cockatoo Sanctuary,

    Where "weird" is our currency of exchange
    All along the valleys and mountain range.
  • 12. Exit House Left

    Sorry, Mom and Dad.
    It's time for me to take off and go.
    Sorry, my friends and fans,
    For the future is out of my hands.

    And I don't wanna leave town,
    But it's time for me to go now.

    For this mess I cannot bear.
    I need God and the crisp, fresh air.
  • 11. Kingdom Of Billions

    Inspired by:   Synopsis: Scene 1: Approach Nest Calm harbor, approaching (by canoe) Asian-style megalopolis (e.g. Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong) Pan...