EMBARKATION DAY - Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Wednesday, 28 July 2021 - EMBARKATION DAY

16:00 PREPARE to Embark - items to bring:

    • Young Sapling for Planting
    • Sleeping bag* and pillow
    • Cozy bedding
    • Rake
    • Mobile device (wi-fi, bluetooth-compatible)
It is recommended to first download and install the Retreat APP prior to embarking for Retreat.

16:20 Depart Portland - Embark for Retreat

Guests may TUNE into KFAB-FM radio station XXX.x to play along while in their vehicle!
Guests with vehicles are advised to focus on the road while driving.

18:30 FM - Retreat App Instruction & Tutorial


Vehicles are asked to BACK IN to a designated parking spot upon Arrival.

19:30 Guest Check-In

Guests may access the Retreat APP on their mobile device in order to register and check into Retreat. 
Each Guest receives their ID Badge, which they’re free to decorate as desired.

20:00 Commence Bonfire

Guests split into two campfire sites A or B. RU BARB & CHERRY POPPINS to arrive at Bonfire with Magic Wand (torch lighter) to ignite Bonfire flame.

20:30 Orientation - Start Retreat

RU BARB & CHERRY POPPINS kick off the Retreat.

KAREN appears on-screen to review Guest Toolkit, and to present Retreat Rules.

RU & CHERRY facilitate discussion of Retreat Rules; ALL give informed consent and agree to respect all Safe(r) Space, Retreat Rules, Community Standards, and Consequences, as outlined during the Orientation and each morning.

21:00 Introductions & Chill

RU & CHERRY introduce themselves to Guests
One-on-one speed dating, followed by group icebreaker activity around each Bonfire.

00:00 Time Rewind -1Hr

Guests adjust clocks back 1 hour for daylight savings time
All Guests check that their mobile device Retreat App is active and functioning properly.


Guests are reminded to keep an eye on their Bonfire throughout the night, extinguish if unneeded.

00:00 Enchanted Forest

Guests are invited to wander around and explore the forest through the Retreat App, in order to collect Tokens, discover Way Points and Clues, etc.

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