ORIENTATION NIGHT - Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Wednesday, 28 July 2021 - ORIENTATION


19:30 Guest Check-In

Each Guest receives their Bracelet, which they’re encouraged to decorate and personalize. This Bracelet must be worn throughout the duration of the Retreat.

Guests will then be escorted by a Collective member to their bonfire.

20:00 Commence Bonfire

Guests split into two campfire sites A or B. RU BARB & CHERRY POPPINS to arrive at Bonfire with Magic Wand (torch lighter) to ignite Bonfire flame.

20:30 Orientation - Start Retreat

RU BARB & CHERRY POPPINS kick off the Retreat.

KAREN appears on-screen to review Guest Toolkit, and to present Retreat Rules.

RU & CHERRY facilitate discussion of Retreat Rules; ALL give informed consent and agree to respect all Safe(r) Space, Retreat Rules, Community Standards, and Consequences, as outlined during the Orientation and each morning.

21:00 Introductions & Chill

RU & CHERRY introduce themselves to Guests
One-on-one speed dating, followed by group icebreaker activity around each Bonfire.

00:00 Time Rewind -1Hr

Guests adjust clocks back 1 hour for daylight savings time
All Guests check that their mobile device Retreat App is active and functioning properly.

00:00 Enchanted Forest

Guests are invited to wander around and explore the forest through the Retreat App, in order to collect Tokens, discover Way Points and Clues, etc.

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