DAY 5 - Sunday, 1 August 2021

Sunday, 1 August 2021 - MAIN BONFIRE

06:15 - Reflections
Silent Meditation

08:00 - Warm-Up & Stretches

09:00 - Breakfast Toon Out
Guests are invited to join Mike for breakfast and Sunday morning cartoons.


10:30 - Group Cleaning Number

Portraying Joan Crawford, JANET leads the Guests in cleaning up the entire Camp Site. Collective members coordinate Guest cleaning tasks as necessary, to thoroughly and efficiently remove all traces of this Retreat from the Site - except for Guests’ newly planted Saplings.

11:15 - Decommission Power & IT/Network

11:45 - Site Inspection - Remove All Traces
ALL Guests and Collective members perform Cleanup Inspection together, in coordination with Collective members. Mike and Collective members perform Final Site Inspection together and are responsible for confirming removal of all traces of our Retreat, prior to Guests’ departure.

12:00 - Drive Out
Guests are invited to jam to the final number(s) on their FM radios, as we leave the Retreat and depart for home, safely aboard our vehicles.

BEWARE of other Guests near vehicles
CHECK around all sides of the vehicle before driving

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