DAY 4 - Saturday, 31 July 2021

Saturday, 31 July 2021 - MAIN BONFIRE

06:15 - Silent Swamp
Silent Meditation, but while KAREN obnoxiously performs stand-up. Guests who laugh out loud are eliminated from consideration to win this game.

07:30 Warm-Up & Stretches

08:00 - Top of the Morning!
Guests are invited to wine down during open discussion/mixer over breakfast.

10:00 - Whose Phone is That?
Guests guess which device is controlling the surrounding music; once identified, this unlocked device becomes a “HOT POTATO” that is passed among Guests until the song ends, eliminating Guests one-by-one through the course of several songs until a Winner is determined.

19:00 - Game Show Night
CHERRY hosts a “Wheel of Fortune”-style game in which both teams must guess the correct answer to the puzzle.

20:00 - Talent & Burlesque Showcase
RU hosts an open-stage talent and burlesque show for ALL cast and guests. Elizabeth announces winners from various games throughout the week.

22:00 - IRL - In Real Life
A storyteller will share honestly their personal journeys at the bonfire.

23:30 - Wishes & Flame Ceremony
Guests are invited to submit a handwritten wish into the bonfire, and are encouraged to share their wish with the other guests.

01:00 - “Visions From The Smoke” Dance Party
RU & CHERRY kick off this Campwide Dance Party for all guests.

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