DAY 3 - Friday, 30 July 2021

Friday, 30 July 2021 - SEPARATE BONFIRES

06:15 - Reflections
Silent Meditation

07:30 - Warm-Up & Stretches

08:00 - Top of the Morning!
Guests convene to listen to KAREN’s Daily Retreat Brief and HODA’s Wine Down during breakfast.

09:00 - Hometown Glory
Guests are invited to share from where they have grown up, using the maps projected on screen.

10:00 - Lost Woods
Each Guest must locate their Saboteur in the woods; once found, they proceed to enter La Tente Rouge together. Remember to each deposit your Badge to the Guardian.

15:00 - In-Sync Game
First team to successfully synchronize the majority of Retreat Site’s musical zones to their Magic Wand wins.

20:00 - IRL - In Real Life
Storytellers will share honestly their personal journeys around each of the bonfires.

23:30 - Conjointment Ceremony
Guests will confront their Saboteur at this special event around the Bonfire.


 - Magic Carpet Ride
“Hold On!!!” during the speedy delivery of your wishes throughout all of our hometowns, aboard a brisk “magic carpet” ride through the night sky.

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