DAY 2 - Thursday, 29 July 2021

Thursday, 29 July 2021 - SEPARATE BONFIRES A & B

06:15 Reflections
Silent Meditation

07:30 - Warm-Up & Stretches

08:00 - Top of the Morning!
Guests convene to listen to KAREN’s Daily Retreat Brief and HODA’s Wine Down during breakfast.

09:00 - Power Up Camps
Guests of each team must work together to power their Bonfire area, from the Central Generator, then power the Food tent.

10:00 - In-Sync Game
Any guest who intervenes in the common playlist until Saturday is struck down from consideration for this prize.

16:00 - Capture the Flag

20:00 - Home Shopping Channel
Fundraising announcement for Crimson Rouge Studios, Inc.

00:00 - Protect the Flame
Similar to Capture the Flag, each team will attempt to extinguish their rival team's bonfire flame.

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